One Word from Jamie

Jamie offers one word to describe people who have been a part of her life.


Richard Lewis:  Angel.
Dan Ackroyd:  Lips.
John Cleese:  Old.


Bette Davis:
Heat.  I have to qualify this.  I was president of the homeowners association at the Colonial House in West Hollywood where she lived.  I would get calls from her. [Jamie impersonates Bette Davis's voice]  "Hello, Jamie.  Bette Davis.  It's too cold.  I want the heat."  I'd say, "Miss Davis, I understand you're chilly but it's July.  I can't in good conscience go to the board of directors and say that we're going to turn the heat on and charge people for the heat in July in Southern California.  I really would suggest you get a heater or plug ins."  She'd answer, "It's too expensive on my electric bill."


Your Mom:  [Long pause.]  Survivor
Your dad:  Panache.
Your husband, Christopher Guest:  Quiet.
Jamie Lee Curtis:  Here.