The 411 on Jamie

Name your favorite Janet Leigh film.
"My favorite good mommy film is Touch of Evil."  My favorite bad film is Night of the Lepus, which is about her and some giant bunnies.


Name your favorite Tony Curtis film.
"The good film would be Some Like It Hot.  He's just so fabulous and it's such free work.  The bad movie would be Boeing, Boeing."


What is your favorite place to disappear to?
"Well, if I told you that, then I couldn't disappear there."


Out of the many people you have met through the years, is there one in particular who stands out—who impressed you or inspired you the most?
I've met too many.  I'm not someone who idol-worships at all.  I'm very much a realist.  So I don't hold people in higher esteem than they deserve and then get my heart broken when they happen to be [just] human.  And the people who are inspiring to me are the people who don't get any attention.  Those who get attention have already been heralded–not that what they have to say doesn't mean anything.  But that's not the point.


Is there anyone you'd like to meet that you haven't met yet?
"No, again.  I find the pleasure in meeting people whose stories are so profoundly moving—daily heroes.  I admire my housekeeper as much as I admire Hillary Clinton.  And I admire Hillary. "