Luft on Luft

Her greatest regret  "That I haven't learned from my mistakes."


One word to describe Lorna Luft  "An experience.  We don't know whether it was a good one or a bad one, but it was an experience."


Her favorite place to escape  "In the car without the cell phone."  (She has flung a cell phone out the car window in frustration!)


On her favorite Judy Garland Movie  "Her work in A Star is Born is untouched.  And I'm so pleased and thrilled that The Wizard of Oz is part of my legacy and that it's in my family."  Recently, she was at a cocktail party in London and Steven Speilberg told her that The Wizard of Oz was the one reason he wanted to be a director.  Lorna was seven years old when she first saw it on television.  "It scared the hell out of me!"


On Drag Queens  While on the sidelines of the gay pride parade one year, Lorna's friend commented to her, "I don't understand why they're all dressed up as your mother and they want respect."  Lorna barely gets the last word out before she has a laugh attack.  She continues laughing as she points out that it's commonplace for her kids to see family members as they wade through the Halloween crowd each year.  Two Halloweens ago, Lorna was walking down the boulevard when a guy came up to her and in a serious tone said, "That's good.  That's really good!  That's the best Lorna Luft I've seen."