"No writer has ever captured me the way you did."

--- Jenifer Lewis

"A very observant writer."

--- Shirley MacLaine

"Thank you for such a lovely article.  I usually don't enjoy articles written about me."

--- Bea Arthur

"Your story is just great.  You are a fine writer.  It was a pleasure working with you.”

--- Phyllis Diller

"It was delightful meeting you and I thank you so much for the beautiful article.  I think it came out very well, don't you?"

--- Rose Marie

"Thanks for the beautiful article!   I rarely read anything about me but (my assistant) sent it and I thought it was great.  I hope you're well and happy!"

--- Gloria Estefan

"Having been interviewed and profiled by Dann Dulin, I can attest that he is a conscientious journalist - thorough, fair and able to put his subject at ease while maintaining his professionalism."

--- Ron Reagan

"Thank you so much for the article. You did a good job. "

--- Anne Francis

"The article you wrote was one of the most insightful, wonderfully written pieces I've ever had done about me. It really captured my essense."

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--- Lisa Edelstein

“Needless to say, I have been interviewed many, many times in my career.  No interview has been more pleasant or stimulating than the one for A&U.  More importantly though, the article Dann wrote was an astonishingly accurate recreation of not only what I said but what I meant.  As a person, he is a gentleman; as a journalist, he is extraordinary."

--- Judith Light