Surely, Shirley

Shirley MacLaine Describes Some Of The People
Who Have Touched Her Life

The Clan
(only the media refers to them as "The Rat Pack")—fun; sleeplessness


Jack Nicholson—unpredictability


Bella Abzug—gemütlich


Elizabeth Taylor—salt of the earth


Robert Mitchum—deep


JFK—smoke and mirrors


Jerry Lewis—scientific


Audrey Hepburn—divine


Jack Lemmon—kind


Shirley MacLaine—searching


What city do you have an affinity toward
"New York."


Of what movie are you most proud?
"I'm most proud of getting through, "she stresses, "Terms of Endearment—and I think it's wonderful."


What do you like about getting older?
"How about the loss of memory?" she giggles.  "There's something so peaceful about experience.  I like that."


Do you have a daily exercise regimen?
"I do Xi Gong.  I have been so athletic in thepast that my exercise is limited these days.  I'm a bit lazy."


What do you like least about getting older?


What haven't you accomplished that you would like to?
"I'd like to have a good marriage," she says.  "Isn't that a kick in the butt?"  She howls as she questoins her response.  Does she want to live under one roof with another person?  "Oh, I don't know about that.  I've never done that," she chuckles skeptically.


What do you like best about your life?
She contemplates, then takes a side-glance toward Dale, who is in the kitchen listening, as if to ask for help.  "I know!" Dale says coyly.  "You do?" she answers with surprise.  He won't answer even with her urging.  She concentrates.  "I think it must be the Southwest Airlines frequent flyer tickets," she says with a minimal laugh, then darts directly back to Dale.  "Now what were you going to say, smart ass?"  "I think the answer is the ability to be you."  "Hum, that's his answer," she says with a slight defensiveness, yet digesting his comment.  "But I always did that."  "I know.  But a lot of people don't have the luxury of doing that."  A titter ensues between them and she sort of agrees with him, then turns and says, "I still like my frequent flyer miles."