May 2001

Damian Loeb

Controversial artist Damian Loeb, thirty, is a high school dropout who taught himself how to paint.  He's been called the Norman Rockwell of Generation X and attracts such celeb fans as Mike Ovitz and David Bower.  He hangs out with Moby and visits Elton John.  Mary Boone is his current dealer, obviously paying no heed to critics who have called this art "soulless" and "low-brow."  Loeb has a compulsion for order, can't drive, and likes to google.

Exit - oil on linen

Exit (You Accept Your Fate), 2000
oil on linen, 36" x 168"

Having been a part of this era of AIDS, how has it impacted you?
Made me jealous of other generations; though I later realized that was naive.

What's your favorite Web site?
Google seems to be the only site that works all the time.  Most of the Web seems to be a complete waste of time.

How do you dress for a first date, and where do you carry your condom?
I don't usually dress differently for anything.  I don't carry condoms with me; I always thought it was too presumptive [sic].

Would you rather have a new VW Toon car, or a Turbo Porsche 911?
I don't know how to drive.

Have you tried any alternative therapies as opposed to Western medicine?
I don't believe in medicine or doctors.  I haven't been to one in over fifteen years for anything.

Name one of your bad habits.
Forgetting everything.

How has the AIDS epidemic changed the way you think about life and death?
It hasn't.

Would you rather have a Big Mac or an array of healthy Chinese vegetables?
Both upset my stomach.  Most things do.

If you received a million dollars, how would you spend it?
In New York a million dollars can only go so far.  I would invest the money in my career and pay my assistants more.

What brand of water do you drink?
New York City tap (through a Brita).

If you had a choice to have a dinner date with anyone from history who would it be?
Veronica Lake.

Who is your favorite star?
Benicio Del Toro.

When you get into bed at night, do you wear pajamas, nightshirt, undies, or nothing at all?
Nothing at all.


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