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Liz Smith
Mentions Dann Dulin in her December 6, 2004 article

AIDS IS in the world limelight more than ever. It is an Asian and African pandemic. Here in the United States, infection rates are up. People have been lulled into a false sense of security because of drug treatments that extend life. The crystal meth drug phenomenon has also lowered inhibitions drastically - safe sex is not even considered by some anymore! (What a devastating slap in the face to all who fought, and so many who died promoting safe-sex techniques in the early years of AIDS.)

So it is fascinating to read Dann Dulin's interview with Dustin Hoffman in A&U magazine. Hoffman is at his informal best and tells a tale about advising his son, Jake, (now 23) on the importance of condoms. Dustin spoke at a lecture at UCLA, and upon leaving, noticed a box of free condoms at the door of a nearby biology class. He asked his hosts, 'since I'm not being paid, can I have this box instead?"

Dustin recalls: "I came home, went to Jake's room, where he was lying on his bed, talking on the phone ... I walked over and spilled all of them on his head, hundreds of condoms!"

I saw Fran Drescher after Madonna's concert kickoff in spring. Fran looked great in a tight, little top and low-slung jeans. She said she had a lot of ideas and irons in the fire. When I mentioned a "Nanny" reunion, she said, "Oh, that too!" Tonight on Lifetime, you can catch "A Nosh to Remember." Fran has gathered the entire cast of 'the Nanny" for a trip down memory lane. Her CBS sitcom lasted six seasons. It was raucous, sly and had its fans' interests at heart. Fran's antics and fine physical comedy were very Lucy-esque.

Jenifer Lewis
"No writer has ever captured me the way you did."

Shirley MacLaine
"A very observant writer."
Bea Arthur
"Thank you for such a lovely article.  I usually don't enjoy articles written about me."

Phyllis Diller
"Your story is just great.  You are a fine writer.  It was a pleasure working with you.”

Rose Marie
"It was delightful meeting you and I thank you so much for the beautiful article.  I think it came out very well, don't you?"

Gloria Estefan
"Thanks for the beautiful article!   I rarely read anything about me but (my assistant) sent it and I thought it was great.  I hope you're well and happy!"
Lisa Edelstein
"The article was great, thanks.  I really enjoyed it."
Anne Francis
"Thank you so much for the article. You did a good job. "
Leslie Jordan
"The article you wrote was one of the most insightful, wonderfully written pieces I've ever had done about me. It really captured my essense."
Ron Reagan
"Having been interviewed and profiled by Dann Dulin, I can attest that he is a conscientious journalist - thorough, fair and able to put his subject at ease while maintaining his professionalism."
Judith Light
“Needless to say, I have been interviewed many, many times in my career.  No interview has been more pleasant or stimulating than the one for A&U.  More importantly though, the article Dann wrote was an astonishingly accurate recreation of not only what I said but what I meant.  As a person, he is a gentleman; as a journalist, he is extraordinary."
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