December 2001

Esther Williams, take a dive!  Bill May has arrived.  This twenty-two-year-old champion synchronized swimmer added to his many awards when the recently won the Solo Event at the Swiss Open.  In 1998, Bill became the first male to compete at the Goodwill Games in synchronized swimming; he has been United States Synchronized Swimming (USSS) Athlete of the Year for the past four years, and he is listed in the Who's Who in American High School Students.  Currently, Bill is a member of the Santa Clara Aquamaids, as well as the USSS National Team.  He comes up for air long enough to tell us that he is an ice cream addict, a speed freak, and that he would love to dine with Adam (from Adam and Eve fame, that is).

What city did you travel to on your last trip?
Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  It is definitely a different world there.  I ate jellyfish for the first time, and learned how to count to ten in Chinese.

Did you ever steal anything?
Of course!  Hasn't anyone?  When I was really young I stole a toy from a store but told my mom I found it in the snow.  She saw right through me, took me back to the store, and made me confess to stealing it.  It was one of the humiliating moments of my childhood.

Having been a part of this era of AIDS, how has it impacted you?
For me AIDS is probably the scariest and saddest of all diseases.  Fortunately it is preventable if you take the right precautions, although it is still fearful for everyone.  We are all at risk.  I pray they will find a cure soon.

What are you addicted to?

When you're out on a date, where do you stash your loveglove, in your pocket, purse, glove compartment, or backpack?
My pocket.

If you could change one historical event, what would it be?
The death of Princess Diana.  It is rare that someone puts so much into making life better for others.

What do you like least about your appearance?
I wish I were taller.

How has the AIDS epidemic changed the way you think about life and death?
Seeing what people go through with AIDS makes me realize how wonderful life is.  We should realize every day how lucky we are.

Bill May

What historic era or event would you like to visit?
Ancient Greece.  I would love to attend the first Olympics and marvel at how incredible those athletes were even back then.

Name one of your guilty pleasures?
I work at an ice cream parlor, and it is not all about the money.  Enough said?!

Where do you go to rejuvenate?
Even though I am always there, I love going to the pool or being around water.  Also, Las Vegas.

Name one of your bad habits?
Speeding.  If I am not breaking eighty, I might as well walk.

If you had a choice to have a dinner date with anyone from history, who would it be?
Adam.  Was Eve really who he wanted or did he just settle because there wasn't anything else on the menu?

If you wrote a book today about your life, what would the title be?
All Wet With Nowhere To Go.

If What's your favorite sitcom of all time?
Will & Grace and Sex and the City.  They both crack me up because they aren't afraid to bring up, or be obvious about, anything.

What can we do to help during this ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis?
To support those who have the virus, and educate ourselves about prevention.

When you get into bed at night, do you wear pajamas, nightshirt, undies, or nothing at all?
Depends on who I'm sleeping with!  Usually boxers or nothing at all.


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